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March 23rd, 2009 12:13 PM

This is a work in progress in the collecting data stages - not sure where this is headed.  It's a frequent concensus in peer conversation that the Dallas Morning News prints more negative Real Estate headlines than positive.  In February I started saving the headlines and keeping score.  This will be a running blog entry, so it will change often.

Negative: 28          Positive: 31         Neutral: 3

02/17/2009: D-FW home starts may decrease 20%

02/19/2009: Area's home prices up in study

02/02/2009: D-FW fares better in affordability

02/23/2009: New home sales probably at a low

02/25/2009: Home sales indexes show a mixed bag for North Texas prices

02/26/2009: Existing homes sales sink (US)

02/27/2009: A floodplain of foreclosures

03/04/2009: Luxury home postings see sharpest rise

03/04/2009: Pending sales of existing homes reach a record low (US)

03/05/2009: 21% of Dallas-area borrowers are underwater

03/11/2009: Existing home sales slid 28% last month

03/20/2009: Dallas-area postings approach record level

03/24/2009: February homes sales top January figure (US)

03/23/2009: Survey shows area home-price gain

03/28/2009: First-time homebuyers report burgeoning interest (US)

04/01/2009: Dallas housing prices faring well

04/02/2009: Home prices' risk of falling still low (US)

04/08/2009: New-home sales fell 40% in first quarter

04/17/2009: A 5-year supply depresses prices of empty homes site in D-FW

04/24/2009: Pain spreads across Dallas area

04/29/2009: Dallas home prices fare well in survey

04/29/2009: Property values for '09 slide in Dallas County

05/05/2009: Construction spending, index of pending home sales rise

05/06/2009: Few mortgagors owe more than home's value

05/08/2009: Dallas getting more affordable, report says

05/13/2009: Foreclosure sales drag prices down

05/14/2009: Survey - most think the worst is over (US)

05/19/2009: Sentiment index jumps 2 points (US) 

05/20/2009: Area 2nd in new houses

05/20/2009: Home construction see small rebound (US)

05/22/2009: Denton property values inch up

05/27/2009: Index: Area home prices falling faster

05/28/2009: Area home prices edge up in study

05/29/2009: Texas' rate half that of US

06/03/2009: Pending home sales rise 6.7%

06/05/2009: Study says D-FW area undervalued

06/09/2009: North Texas homes sales fall

06/19/2009: Foreclosure listings top record high

06/23/2009: Metro area home prices go retro

06/24/2009: Dallas area ranks high in home price forecast

07/01/2009: April prices fall 5% in year

07/03/2009: Economy putting spec homes in check

07/08/2009: Area home prices face less-precarious future

07/08/2009: North Texas new home sales, starts plunge in 2nd quarter

07/17/2009: Housing recession hits Dallas' heart

07/17/2009: Area foreclosures slip under 5,000

07/18/2009: Home construction jumps in June

07/20/2009: Home sales probably on rise in US

07/24/2009: Pre-owned home sales climb for a third month

07/25/2009: Tax base drops 3.1%

07/28/2009: US Home sales rise for 3rd month

07/28/2009: Economist: Worst of the housing recession in now behind us

07/29/2009: Home prices improve (US)

08/08/2009: Equity outlook improving in D/FW

08/11/2009: Home resale data offers ray of hope

08/13/2009: Area home prices flatten in survey

08/14/2009: Frisco on unfortunate list

08/14/2009: Foreclosures fall, but recovery unclear

08/14/2009: D/FW foreclosure postings climb 35%

08/14/2009: It's risky to say it, but it looks as if the worst is over

08/17/2009: Housing reports may raise hopes

08/18/2009: More homeowners underwater (US)


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