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Record Low Mortgage Rates! Again! Really?
July 24th, 2010 8:41 AM

Does this headline or advertisement appear in Friday's Real Estate section every week?  Seems like it.  Let's see what they're saying:

07/17/10: Dallas Morning News: Record low mortgage rates attract buyers (Nationwide average) 30yr Conv. FRM 4.58%, 15yr Conv. FRM 4.04%

07/23/10: Dallas Morning News: 30-yr fixed rate hits record low of 4.56% (Nationwide average) 30yr Conv. FRM 4.56%, 15yr Conv. FRM 4.03%

08/06/2010: Dallas Morning News: Mortage rates dip below 4% (Nationwide average) 30yr Conv. FRM 4.49%, 15yr Conv. FRM 3.95%

08/13/2010: Dallas Morning News: 30-year rates at another modern low (Nationwide average) 30yr Conv. FRM 4.44%; 15yr Conv. FRM 3.92%

08/20/2010: Dallas Morning News: Mortgage rates drop once again (Nationwide average) 30yr Conv. FRM 4.42%; 15yr Conv. FRM 3.90%

08/27/2010: Dallas Morning News:  Mortgage rates drop even further (Nationwide average) 30yr Conv. FRM 4.36%; 15yr Conv. FRM 3.86%

09/03/10: Dallas Morning News: 30-, 15-year mortage rates decline to record lows (Nationwide average) 30yr Conv. FRM 4.32%; 15yr. Conv. FRM 3.83%

10/01/10: Dallas Morning News: Mortgage rates are down again (Nationwide average) 30yr Conv. FRM 4.32%; 15yr Conv. FRM 3.75%

10/08/10: Dallas Morning News: 30-yr rates fall to lowest since 71 (Nationwide average) 30yr Conv. FRM 4.27%





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