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The lifespan of appliances
October 7th, 2010 7:45 AM

According to, here's the latest rundown:

Central Air Conditioner....11 years

Window Air Conditioner....9 years

Trash Compactor....6 years

Dishwasher....10 years

Electric or Gas Dryer....12 years

Washer....11 years

Garbage Disposal....9 years

Heat Pump....12 years

Microwave....9 years

Electric Range....16 years

Gas Range....17 years

Refrigerator....12 years

Electric Water Heater....13 years

Gas Water Heater....11 years

When I pull out my old list from 2006, decreases are noted in HVAC, the fridge and the washer; and only the dryer appears to have increased its longevity.  Why does the appraiser need to put this useful information in a file folder?  When an appraisal is completed on a rental property, the lender usually wants an analysis about the income-generating ability of the property (since that's usually part of the borrower's financial picture).  Just like appraising the value of the property, a market rent for the property is also determined by comparing our house to others that are currently rented.  In the final step, a monthly cash-flow is determined and part of the expenses are reserve amounts set aside for appliance replacement.  So if your $1200 Kenmore fridge only last 12 years, then $8.30 is deducted from the monthly rent as part of the reserve replacement expense.  Ultimately, after making deductions for other appliances, household systems, mortgage, insurance, etc., then the monthly cash-flow is revealed.

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