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Trench Report: Northwest Carrollton 75010
March 23rd, 2017 11:18 AM

If you've got a 1980's home in Carrollton in the Lewisville school district, this data might interest you.  The target home is built in 1986, is 2400 sf and located in the Booth Creek subdivision.  Search criteria is 2000 to 2800 sf, and built from 1980 to 1990, from the Carrollton area in the Lewisville school district:

           Sales   Forc   Median Sale   Avg Sale       Avg/SF   List/Sale   DOM

2012    53        7      $189,000        $187,646      $82.33       97%         77
2013    70        3      $215,000        $209,975      $93.29       99%         41
2014    56        6      $223,000        $217,775      $97.11       99%         37
2015    58        0      $245,000        $246,212      $110.08    101%        32
2016    57        0      $275,000        $268,611      $120.09    100%        17

Market Area "Active" Status:
Listed:                       None
Under Contract:        10
Average List Price:   $300,457, or $128.45/sf
Days on Market:       14
Foreclosure Listings: 0

Search of MLS listings and sales of single-family dwellings reveals that demand/supply levels are under-supplied with no Active comparable listings. The median and average sale prices have increased dramatically over the past five years, with additional positive indicators noted such as declines in the amount of Foreclosure sales and days on market.   This growth is tremendous, and now the Denton County Appraisal District will do it's best to catch-up with their assessed property values - to the tune of about 10% year (the annual maximum).  Popularity can be attributed to the great schools, such as Indian Creek Elementary, Arborcreet Middle, and Hebron High, as well as all the new development along the Highway 121 corridor. Something else I've noticed is the widespread use of the "Castle Hills" moniker.  Put that out there, and the folks will come running.

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